On Thursday 18th September, 300 years of unity could come to an end in just one day.

Let's come together on Wednesday 17th to show our support for the Union


Leeds, City Square

6.30pm-7.30pm, Wednesday 17th September


Bristol, Queen Square

6.30pm-7.30pm, Wednesday 17th September


Belfast, Lord Kelvin's Statue, Main Entrance to Botanical Gardens, University Road

5.30pm-6.00pm, Wednesday 17th September


Manchester, Piccadilly Gardens (to be confirmed)

6.30pm-7.30pm, Wednesday 17th September


London, King's Cross Square

6.30pm-7.30pm CONFIRMED, Wednesday 17th September


Sutton, Trinity Square (link)

6.00pm, Wednesday 17th September


Cardiff, TBC

TBC, Wednesday 17th September

Across the country, Britons have been denied a vote.
But we have a voice.

Show Scotland that you care.

Let's come together across the UK and celebrate the Union.

Join us for a Day of Unity on Wednesday 17th September.

YES, I want to keep our country together.

Tell me when you have news of a rally near me.

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Hundreds of thousands of Scots live in the UK outside Scotland. Millions of Britons have Scottish roots. Millions more care about being British. A United Kingdom makes us who we are.

It is unthinkable that in a year and a half people in our own families will be stripped away from our country. That our shared identity will be lost. That a part of our country will be gone forever.

We want to come together to show that we are a United Kingdom.

Let's spread the word: tell your family, your friends, your colleagues, the bored-looking man at the bus stop.

On Wednesday 17th September we will come together in villages, towns and cities across Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

This will be our Day of Unity.

What is a unity rally?

The Canadian Unity Rally was on October 27th 1995, three days before a critical referendum on the independence of Quebec. With the No campaign trailing in the polls and fearing the destruction of their country, 100,000 ordinary Canadians gathered in downtown Montreal.

A celebration of culture, family, and national feeling, the Unity Rally was a crucial moment of the referendum campaign, turning the separatist tide.

Join us for our own British Unity Rally.

An open letter to the people of Scotland

This is an appeal from citizens of the United Kingdom to the people of Scotland.

On 18 September you will be asked to make a momentous decision. You will be asked to cast a vote in a referendum which will determine whether Scotland remains part of the United Kingdom. The vote will either save our Union, or tear it apart.

This referendum has been spoken of as a vote on Scottish independence. However, we believe it is more than that. When the Scottish people cast their vote, they will not just be deciding the destiny of Scotland; they will be deciding that of England, of Wales and of Northern Ireland. The decision will not have consequences merely for one year, or ten. The people of the United Kingdom will live with the consequences for the next century and beyond.

Come Thursday, those of us who do not live in Scotland, including many Scots who have chosen to live outside of the Kingdom of Scotland, will be denied a vote. We will have no say in preserving a bond which has persisted for three hundred years. Our Union has survived war, crisis, and upheaval, and bound our countries together through the most difficult periods of our common history.

It is a Union which, despite the difficulties, produced some of the greatest men and women who bestowed their gifts to humanity in science, engineering, medicine, literature, art, and politics. Together, we played a great part in forging the modern world.

While we do not have a vote, we have a voice.

With this voice we ask only one thing: choose unity. Unity with us. Unity with each other.

We are a mixed nation – four peoples mixed together, sharing ties of history, language, and family. Our culture and our humour, the way we work and the way we play, our families, friends, and fashions – these things are all shared by the people of these islands.

We share your frustrations with the state of politics. We share your frustrations with the state of the economy. We share your frustrations as our country forges ahead in the face of new challenges and unresolved problems from the past. We recognise the depth of feeling - that you want better for your country. That you wish to be free of unfeeling leadership, free of economic mismanagement, free to live a life building a better future for those you love. We recognise these feelings, because we share them. Independence, however, is not the answer; a Yes vote is no solution from these ills, and may bring many more in its wake.

Let us work together to change not only Westminster, but governance in the entire country. Our shared economy is struggling back to health - let's see the recovery through together. Many of us have disagreements on what the United Kingdom should be and where it should be going - let's discuss and find the answers together.

We will respect your final decision, for it is yours alone to make. But as you look at the ballot paper, we would ask, we would plead, that you think of us and our desire to stay with you, and for you to stay with us. That you think beyond the immediate political storms of our day and into the future which you are forming for all of us together as you return your ballot.

The people of these islands already face great challenges; the challenges will be there for this generation and those yet to come. For all of our sakes, let us face the challenges together, indivisible, as we have done for the last three hundred years.

About the campaign

Day Of Unity is an independent, grass-roots movement founded on Thursday 11th September 2014. We are not funded except out of our own pockets and we are not affiliated with any political party. Our team is made of people who would be deeply saddened to see our country torn apart: Scots, part-Scots, and other Britons who are unable to vote.

With the independence debate so passionate and closely-fought, we feel that we need to bring together and mobilise people across the country who feel they haven't had a voice.

Our ambition is to hold Unity Rallies in major cities across the UK on Wednesday 17th September, and for people who can’t make it to join us in homes, offices, streets and parks to celebrate the Union with us.

We believe that what we are setting out to achieve will give a fresh push to the 'No' campaign. We believe it is time to speak less about politics and more about people.